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You probably always ask yourself these questions: “Is Indoor Grown Cannabis Better than Outdoor?” and “If it’s better how, or why?”

Well, don’t worry, because today we’re going to take a look at these questions, and try to respond for them. Let’s get started…

Let’s take a look first at Indoor Growing. You can either grow indoor marijuana or indoor CBD flower. Indoor Growing allows you to manage and take care of the environment, the temperature, the CO2 levels, light source, and also humidity. Why people love indoor growing is because they don’t have to pay real close attention to weather conditions affecting the plants. It can be difficult to maintain outdoor grown operations because it requires seeing whether it’s raining or not, or even worse, if the sun’s shining too bright. Indoor growing always lets you take care of the temperature and I’m in charge with everything.

The second thing people I love indoor growing is because typically indoor flowers produce flowers with higher cannabinoid percentage and a much better terpenes profile.

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, it really depends on your personal life. If you live in an apartment in a big city and you have neighbors or no yard/garden, then the only option for you is indoor growing. For people who have a big yard/garden, and live in smaller towns, and they have necessary time to take care of their plants, they should definitely choose outdoor growing. 

Also, it depends on your financial situation and how much you are willing to invest. Indoor growing is way more expensive than outdoor growing. You will have to buy expensive lights and other accessories to grow the plants as necessary. Plants need a lot of sunlight and warmness, it’s very important for them, without that plants will grow slowly. Plants grow way faster outdoors. 

Growing Plants Outdoors

If you live in the northern area, outdoor is a better choice for you. You are probably surprised right now, but many companies grow their cannabis in Canada. Since the growing season takes 90 days, they only need to crop the plants one time.

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In the end farmers focus on concentrate instead of flower. If you’re looking for beautiful flower, then you should choose indoor. 

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis?

Usually, you can tell by simply looking at the cannabis. Outdoor grown cannabis has a darker color tone, while Indoor grown cannabis has a lighter color tone. 

You may ask now, why is that? To answer this question, obviously outdoor grown cannabis is suffering from rain, wind, temperature changed and other weather related factors. Since Indoor grown cannabis is growing under a fixed temperature and it doesn’t suffer from rain, wind, etc.. it has lighter color, it’s softer. An interesting fact is that sometimes Indoor grown cannabis can smell like lavender, vanilla or even coffee. 

Outdoor grown cannabis has a more richer flavour than Indoor grown. This term applies to any fruit, and can be noticed that outdoor growings have a more stronger flavour than the ones that have been grown indoors.

Many people also decide whether they want to grow marijuana or hemp flower depending on their state’s laws. The difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp is 100% federally legal in the United States and does not give you a psychoactive high with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC while marijuana has high levels of THC and is only legal to grow in some states.

Which One is Better? Indoor growing or Outdoor growing?

Most people will say that indoor grown cannabis is way better than outdoor grown cannabis. After gathering some information, it has been affirmed that indoor grown cannabis sells way better than outdoor grown cannabis. If you ask why that is, all I can tell you is that if you saw Indoor and Outdoor grown cannabis next to each other, then obviously you can tell why. The difference between them is huge. Outdoor grown weed looks unnatural, it looks imperfect, and just doesn’t attract in general as many people as Indoor grown cannabis does. Indoor grown weed looks perfect. Which one would you go with? Obviously the perfect one, no questions.

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But it’s not just the looks. Outdoor grown weed usually smells like hay. Indoor grown weed keeps it’s a great smell, it smells sweet and natural, and who the hell doesn’t like good smells? Indoor grown has a way better appearance, smell and taste than Outdoor grown. 

But every person has their own taste, you have to try both to decide which one you like. 

The cost of growing Cannabis Indoors

Take a look at the average costs of an Indoor Growing room: 

  • First of all, you’re going to have a grow light, with cooling fans, the total average cost is going to be anywhere around from $120-150.
  • You’re also going to need a tent, the price of those is around $140.
  • Also an exhaust, which costs $80.
  • A  fan for your wall, that’s going to cost you $45.
  • A thermometer that costs $20.
  • Some pots, you can get them for $50.
  • Some seeds for $15.
  • As for the final product a clipper which costs $60.
  • The total cost is going to be around $560.

This price is not so expensive to grow your own cannabis. You can also make this cheaper if you already have items or if you can create a tent on your own. These numbers are just approximate costs. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay electricity for them which varies in different countries. You’ll have to calculate these numbers on your own. 

However some people might start a business growing indoor flower from this, they will have to expand their budget by a lot:

  • You’ll have to rent a warehouse which costs: $50,000
  • The improvement costs are around $60,000
  • Growing equipment is $150,000
  • Lighting system $120,000
  • Alarm and Security sistems $45,000
  • Licensing and other fees $55,500
  • Direct costs are $200,000 ( these covers electricity, water, labor and packaging costs)
  • Administrative expenses are going to be around $50,000
  • Other expenses including salaries: $100,000
  • Total is: $830,000 

It’s definitely more expensive than just growing them outside, but if you need premium weed, you’re going to have to do it indoors. The taste, the looks, the appearance will payout.