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If you are getting into CBD you have noticed that online stores and retailers usually offer more attractive prices than the ones you can get from local stores. Not only do online stores not need to deal with the costs of operating a physical storefront, but by buying online you can also snatch deals from foreign companies like Cibdol, which can all add up to a lot of savings if you intend to use CBD year-round.

However, the downside of buying online is that you are also made more vulnerable to common CBD-related scams. If you want to make sure you never fall victim to one of those, here’s what you should do.

1 – Don’t buy from mass retailers

Amazon UK has only recently implemented a pilot program meant to get CBD manufacturers on the platform. But up to a year ago, the substance was still banned on the platform. That didn’t stop resellers from trying to sell both fake and real CBD on the platform in droves, however.

Since online retailers rarely make their own CBD brands, they usually offer the substance by opening their platform to resellers who put their own products for sale on the platform. That makes it much harder for an average consumer to spot the real brands among the fake ones, and to trace back the precedence of any given CBD product. Thanks to all that, it’s generally safer to avoid online retailers when you are shopping for CBD online.

Just order it straight from manufacturers instead. Most of them have run their own online stores.

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2 – Avoid slow websites

Producing quality-CBD requires a lot of expensive materials and the help of several specialized workers. Any company that can afford all that can also afford to hire a professional web designer. If you find a site that claims to belong to a manufacturer and it looks like it was built in an afternoon, be suspicious. Some scammers have been setting fake CBD online shops in order to collect money and personal information from inattentive users.

3 – Check online reviews

Sites are so easy to make these days that you can’t rely on built quality to tell if a website is legitimate. This is why it’s also important to check the reputation of that brand before you make a buy. Look for user reviews of their sites on review aggregators, social media, and online forums.

Make sure you look for reviews on third-party websites, as anything on the company’s homepage can be faked.

4 – Look for test results

It’s become common practice for CBD manufacturers to get each batch of their product tested by a third party. Those test results are then published — alongside an authentication code — to prove that the CBD in question contains everything advertised on the label and is free from any contamination.

The absence of these test results does not mean that a given manufacturer is a scam. However, the presence of these test results almost definitely means that they are legitimate, as there is no reason for a scammer to go this far. 

Remember: CBD scams operate on the same principles as all other online scams — they’re made to trick uninformed consumers and impulse buyers. This means that you can avoid most scams by simply being a little more careful and attentive than the average user.

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