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In this article, we are going to check out the top 5 strains on how to make flower rosin with the help of this summer. Let’s get right into it!

1 – Gelato

First of all, we are going to talk about Gelato. Gelato also known as Larry Bird is a hybrid marijuana made with the combination of sunset sherbet and thin mint girl scout cookies. Gelato is the best way to help users relax. Taking Gelato in the morning is a great way to start the day. 

This is because Gelato provides a strong physical sensation, that comes along with a mentally agile feeling. This feeling is perfect, since it helps you to stay productive throughout the day. The gelato name is coming from the ice cream, since they have quite the same smell. And who doesn’t like ice cream? 

The people who use Gelato, should only use small quantities since dabbing it in big amounts can be a lot of THC. But also, Gelato is often recommended by doctors since it relieves stress, fatigue, and also insomnia. The only side effect that this strain has is that it comes along with dry mouth and rarely dry eyes too. But in rare cases, Gelato also can help with depression and pain. Consumers said that after smoking Gelato they become relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and creative too, which is perfect if somebody has a tough, stressful job. 

2 – GMO 

GMO also known as Garlic cookies is also a hybrid marijuana strain that is made by crossing girl scout cookies with chemdawg. Garlic cookies often produce euphoric high with mentally uplifting effects. GMO provides and guarantees a relaxed time which is pain and anxiety free. Just like with any other marijuana, be aware, in higher quantities Garlic cookies can put you in a long, deep relaxed feel which can cause unproductivity and laziness.

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How did GMO get its name when it is actually called Garlic cookies? Well, this is because in the process of consuming GMO, you will taste a lot of garlic in your mouth. For the people who love garlic this is absolutely amazing. Garlic cookies are also recommended by doctors since they have good therapeutic properties. Garlic cookies are one of the best marijuanas that reduces depression, nausea, and chronic pain. GMO grows to light green flowers which are perfect for pressing flower into rosin. Consumers of garlic cookies say that they had a relaxed, euphoric, and happy feeling after consuming, but it also helps with anxiety, pain, stress, depression and PTSD too. Dry mouth is a common negative factor with this strain. 

3 – Runtz

Runtz is a hybrid marijuana strain by cookies that is very rare to find. Runtz is made in an interesting way, and this is crossing Gelato and Zkittlez. Consumers of Runtz are loving it because of it’s amazing tasty fruity flavor profile and this applies to it’s smell too. Runtz can be found in purple or lime green just like the candies called Skittles. Runtz is very popular currently, the demand increases daily. Runtz was named Leafly strain of the year in 2020. Runtz is providing long lasting euphoric and uplifting effects. Reports of Runtz effects said that most people feel happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and creative too. This strain is helping people out with anxiety, stress, depression, pain and PTSD. 

4 – Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher is a hybrid cannabis strain that was made by crossing a wedding cake and a purple punch. Wedding Crasher has a beautiful taste of sweet berry. This strain is very effective for people who are working a job since it boosts focusing abilities. People who consume it often experience these feelings: relaxation, happiness, uplifted, euphoric, and focus too. Wedding Crasher can also give people a dry mouth effect after smoking. Medics also recommend this cannabis strain since it helps with depression, anxiety, stress, pain and also PTSD just like the other strains. 

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5 – Papaya Cake

Papaya cake is a hybrid cannabis strain which is still very new and not many people have access to it. People reported that as any other strain it still helps people out with anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain and arthritis. Negative side effects for Papaya Cake are dry eyes. Positive feelings are these: relax, happy, euphoric, uplifted and sleepy. From reading other people’s opinions, we can definitely tell that Papaya Cake has consistent effects and these are well rounded. People usually smoke it in the afternoon or evening. They say that the best way to relax for them is to have some Papaya Cake, which does its job perfectly. They also agreed that it lowers pain, increases sleepiness, and appetite too. It also has a wonderful taste. 


As a conclusion we think that there are a lot of hybrid cannabis strains to make flower rosin, but the best one so far is the Papaya cake. Since it has amazing taste and we definitely think that the best rosin comes from Papaya cake. But every people has their own taste, and they should try out every flower to make a decision. Keep in mind that these are only our opinions and you shouldn’t choose based on that. Since Papaya Cake is still new to the cannabis market, the supply is very low but the demand is very high, so it’s going to be hard to gain some Papaya Cake. Until the supply increases, we will have to stick to the other strains that still provide some amazing rosin. But as always, your thoughts are very important to us, and we make a lot of decisions based off on your opinions, so we are very happy to hear your thoughts and opinions too.