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Vaping has always been popular ever since it’s breach into the mainstream. But with all the new flavors of trusted vape juice suppliers, vape pens, and vape mods coming out every year – the industry doesn’t
seem to be progressing nearly as much as it should.

This phenomenon isn’t because there are not enough clients. It’s because of the many things holding vaping back as an industry. In this article, we’ll explore the things that seem to be holding the vape juice
industry back from reaching brand new heights.


Laws & Regulations

The first thing that is holding vaping back is the laws and regulations. Vaping has been very popular for a little over a decade, and up until now, it’s slipped under governmental radars for the most part. That

means that no new laws and regulations were placed on vaping – giving it a free pass to flourish and evolve.

Recently, many governments have had their eye on vaping, promoting a select number of laws, regulations, and restrictions on vape juice and vaping as a whole.


Potential Flavor Ban

The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has proposed a ban on unauthorized flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes that appeal to children, meaning fruity and minty tastes will probably be
banned shortly.

With mint and fruit being the two most popular flavors, this could significantly impact the vaping industry as a whole. The FDA argues that these products appeal to children and introduce them to smoking at a very young age.

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While the FDA has not outright banned these flavors, the government has imposed a partial ban on them, meaning that flavored pods popular with young people will be outright banned. However, other flavored nicotine juice for open tank vapes will still be available.


Lack Of Innovation

While vapes are changing every day, and the modding community is a very prominent thing, no one would imagine that a subculture such as vaping would suffer from a lack of innovation. Sadly, this is one of the things that is holding the vape juice industry back.

While new wattages, looks, and designs are popping up each year, the surprising lack of fundamental change has kept many people away from vape juice. Sure, the future might be auto-draw buttonless vape devices, but that only further kills modification and innovation options.
Companies that make vape pens are surprisingly slow to implement any real change into their devices.

Another thing that lacks innovation is vape juice. While new flavors are being introduced literally by the day, they’re all based on the same four ingredients. Ironically, the DIY vape juice community is doing more for vape juice than the companies that produce it. The lack of experimentation, new flavors, and new methods has made vaping boring in many consumers’ eyes.


Health Concerns

We’re all well aware that vaping isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but new research suggests that vaping might be linked to a couple of new respiratory issues. The health scare that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the world won’t go away any time soon, so anything that might harm our
health, such as vaping, will take a definitive hit.

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While vaping doesn’t cause coronavirus, it could potentially harm the lungs and the lung tissue, leading to long-term damage if used excessively.

Again, this is nothing new. We’re all well aware that, while vaping is an alternative to smoking, it’s far from the healthiest thing around. It’s not the adverse health effects of vaping that have changed. It’;s the public perception of anything that might diminish your health.

Lives and livelihoods are being lost due to the coronavirus pandemic each day. No pandemic lasts forever, but its effects on the public opinion on smoking, vaping, and other things that might tarnish one’s health will not diminish for a long time.


Final Thoughts

Don’t worry, vaping is not going to disappear from the map magically. While some things are holding it back at this current moment, they’re likely to change in the future. If not, the vaping industry will have to adapt to the brand new changes, but one thing remains certain – vaping is here to stay.

As long as you consume your vape juice in moderation and only use trusted and reliable vapes and vape juice, you’ll be far less likely to experience any of the negative side-effects of vaping.